Get Rid Of Cellulite

Get Rid of Cellulite – Five Simple Things To Do Daily


Get Rid of Cellulite, Burn Fat and Lose Weight Incorporating These Five Simple Things Daily

I just do not like the word ‘diet’! It not only leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but it really gives us false hopes about achieving the healthy, smooth and firm body that we so desire.

Whether my clients are trying to get rid of cellulite, lose weight, lose inches, lower their cholesterol or just get rid of their extra ‘fluff’ on their belly, hips and thighs… diet is not part of our vocabulary.

For my clients, and I am sure for you, like me, whenever we think we need to go on a diet, our willpower to stay on one walks completely out the door! All of a sudden you start to crave things that you wouldn’t even normally eat… it is absolutely the most crazy thing.

Instead of a diet or dieting let’s start to think about a healthy lifestyle… eating whatever you want and still achieving your desired weight and body image.

Whether you are looking to get rid of cellulite, lose weight, or just feel more energized; here are five things that I always recommend to my clients after any type of body treatment they receive that will help them to maintain the results.

Start your day off with hot lemon water (8 oz. hot water with the juice of ½ fresh squeezed lemon) or at least 2 cups of water before eating or drinking anything upon rising. This will help to flush the liver, as it has been at rest all night. Also, your body becomes a bit dehydrated after a long night of rejuvenating itself!

Do not skip breakfast! Consume at least 25 grams of protein. It is best to eat your first meal about 30 minutes upon rising.

Eat soup! Every day eat at least one big bowl of soup. It really doesn’t matter what kind (just not the very rich with heavy cream kind if you are watching your calorie intake) as long as it is filled with lots of vegetables and low in sodium. Soup not only will fill you up, but also gives you the added benefit of extra fluids. Eat it as a complete meal or start off your lunch and dinner with a cup of soup.

Chew your food at least 20 times! Sounds kind of funny to be counting each chew every time you put something into your mouth, but by doing so you are doing two very important things.

  1. Your body will notice when you are full instead of after you ate too much and feel overly full.
  2. Your body is better able to digest the food, helping it makes it way through and out of your body.

Hydrate! Be sure to drink at least half your weight in water each day (green or white tea count). So if you weigh 150 lbs. you will need to consume at least 75 ounces of water each day… more if you are exerting yourself through exercise, yard work, house work or if it very hot outside.

These five small and simple things that you can do every day will certainly bring big changes into your healthy lifestyle by helping you to lose or control your weight, get rid of cellulite, rev up your metabolism and give you energy.

Getting rid of the word diet or dieting will actually help you to better achieve your personal body goals.

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